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Title: Accelerating Low Power Embedded Vision Designs with Lattice mVision Solutions Stack

Overview:Applications such as machine vision, robotics, ADAS, video surveillance, AR/VR and drones are driving demand for embedded vision applications. Embedded vision system designers face a variety of challenges when designing cost-efficient embedded systems. The Lattice mVision Solutions Stack gives developers an easy to use, low power, and reliable solution that accelerates the design of embedded vision systems to implement sensor bridging, sensor aggregation, and image processing applications.

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March 17th, 2020 | 12:00 PM EDT | Register Now (English)

Key take-aways

  • What is embedded vision and what are the current market trends
  • What are the most common challenges for embedded vision designers and how Lattice solutions solve these problems
  • How the Lattice mVision solutions stack simplifies and accelerates embedded vision development
Lattice mVision Solutions Stack


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