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sensAI 3.0 Now Available!

sensAI 3.0 Now Available!

Posted 05/21/2020 by Hussein Osman

The Lattice sensAI solution stack for always-on Edge AI applications is available on the Lattice CrossLink-NX family of FPGAs to enable fast and easy development of low power, smart visions systems for the industrial, automotive, and IoT markets.

Consumer News from Lattice

Latest Consumer News from Lattice

Posted 05/13/2020 by Lattice Semiconductor

Read the latest consumer news from Lattice: CrossLink reference designs boost design options, CrossLink-NX: unmatched design versatility, Lattice mVision Solutions Stack accelerates embedded vision development.

Want Embedded Vision? Got MIPI?

Want Embedded Vision? Got MIPI?

Posted 04/17/2020 by PJ Chiang

It’s not so long ago that systems equipped with embedded vision capabilities were physically huge and ferociously expensive. As recently as 10 years ago, few people would have believed that things like home doorbells would be vision-enabled, yet now...

Low Power FPGAs Enabling Embedded Vision

Low Power FPGAs Enabling Embedded Vision

Posted 03/12/2020 by Bob O’Donnell

One of the most intriguing new applications of technology is giving machines the ability to see something called machine vision or embedded vision.

Embedded World 2019

mVision Debuts at Embedded World 2020

Posted 03/12/2020 by Dirk Seidel

I attended Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany recently and wanted to share some thoughts about the trends and technologies that received the most attention at the show this year.

Bob O’Donnell: Different Types of FPGAs

Different Types of FPGAs

Posted 02/26/2020 by Bob O’Donnell

Not all FPGAs are the same. Some FPGAs feature lightweight, low-power designs and can draw as little as one milliwatt (1/1000th of a watt).

Q2 2019 Industrial and Automotive Newsletter

Latest Industrial/ Automotive News from Lattice

Posted 01/28/2020 by Lattice Semiconductor

Read the latest industrial and automotive news from Lattice: CrossLink-NX FPGA brings benefits to Lattice Nexus Platform, Radiant 2.0 adds key enhancement.

An FPGA Primer, Bob O'Donnell

An FPGA Primer

Posted 01/10/2020 by Bob O’Donnell

One of the truisms of modern business is that as industries mature, they tend to specialize. Customer demands typically become more sophisticated over time and that leads to products optimized to meet those specific needs.

Lattice Nexus Platform

Introducing the Lattice Nexus Platform

Posted 12/10/2019 by Gordon Hands

As the leader in low power programmability, Lattice has set the standard for what low power, small form factor FPGAs can do in terms of performance and power consumption. We earned and maintained that position through a culture committed to customer support and consultation. For example, before we began active development of the Lattice Nexus platform, we met over 100 different customer design teams to get their input on the

CrossLink-NX Blog

Lattice CrossLink-NX FPGAs: Enabling Embedded Vision and AI to the Edge

Posted 12/10/2019 by PJ Chiang

There is growing interest among embedded vision developers in adding AI/ML technology to their designs to give them the intelligence needed to run applications like object counting or presence detection. However, supporting AI/ML in embedded vision applications can be challenging, particularly as embedded vision applications trend towards increasing complexity.

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