Lattice Nexus Platform

Enabling Low Power, High Reliability, and High Performance Design

The Lattice Nexus FPGA platform combines Lattice’s long-standing low power FPGA expertise with leading 28nm FD-SOI semiconductor manufacturing technology. With this platform Lattice is enabling the rapid development of multiple device families that deliver low power, high performance, high reliability and small form factor.

Three levels of Innovation provided by the Lattice Nexus platform

  • Circuit: 75% lower power, 100x lower soft error rate as compared with bulk process
  • Architecture: embedded large RAM blocks optimize implementation of common AI algorithums
  • Solutions: delivering more complete solutions with IP, reference designs, and software stacks

Three Levels of Innovation


  • Programmable back bias enabled by insulated gate of FD-SOI technology delivers performance/power optimization
  • Critical area (orange) size reduction provides 100x SER reliability improvement
  • FD-SOI leverages bulk CMOS process and has fewer processing steps


  • Optimized for Edge compute with embedded large RAM
  • Improves performance by avoiding off-chip memory access
  • Eliminates power consumption associated with accessing external memory


  • Solutions focus on AI, embedded vision, and security
  • Reference design, kits, soft IP, and software accelerate product development
  • Complete end to end solution offerings enable faster time to market


Information Resources
Lattice Nexus Platform: Redefining the Low Power, Small Form Factor FPGA
WP0022 Rev 1 4/21/2020 PDF 576.8 KB

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