Video Interface Platform

Modular Prototyping System for Flexible Video Connectivity and Processing

The Video Interface Platform (VIP) for embedded vision designs provides a highly flexible, smart modular solution for embedded vision designers who need to build a prototyping system quickly.

VIP allows an easy inter-connect of input and output interface boards through a simple Snap-On concept. Two 60-pin high speed board-to-board connectors eliminate wiring and ensure that designers can reuse existing field proven hardware and software building blocks.

VIP is the ideal prototyping solution for embedded vision systems in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), drones, gaming systems, virtual reality (VR), surveillance and security systems, medical equipment and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions.

Video Interface Platform

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Fast Prototyping for Embedded Vision ApplicationsExpand Image

Fast Prototyping for Embedded Vision Applications

Learn how easy it is mix and match multiple I/O types with the modular VIP platform

  • Input options: HDMI, DisplayPort, Dual Sensor
  • Output options: HDMI, DisplayPort, USB3-GbE

Lattice VIP Boards

Combined Side View Embedded Vision Development Kit
VIP starter kit for embedded system designers. Contains the CrossLink VIP Input Bridge Board, ECP5 VIP Processor Board, and HDMI VIP Output Bridge Board.

Included Demos: Dual CSI-2 Camera to HDMI Bridge Demo, Helion IONOS ISP Demo, Machine Learning
CrossLink-NX VIP Sensor Input Board Side View CrossLink-NX VIP Sensor Input Board
Sensor Aggregation board, supports aggregation of four MIPI Sony IMX 258 image sensors. Contains CrossLink-NX and can perform Image processing.

Included Demos: 4:1 image sensor aggregation
HDMI Input Board Side View HDMI VIP Input Board
Dual HDMI input for Video Interface Platform (VIP).

Included Demos: 2:1 HDMI Switch Demo
DisplayPort VIP Input Board DisplayPort VIP Input Board
Provides DisplayPort RX and embedded DisplayPort RX connectivity to the ECP5 VIP Processor Board.

Included Demos: DisplayPort to HDMI Bridge Demo
DisplayPort VIP Output Bridge Board Side View DisplayPort VIP Output Board
Provides DisplayPort TX and embedded DisplayPort TX connectivity to the ECP5 VIP Processor Board.

Included Demos: HDMI to DisplayPort Bridge Demo
USB3-GbE VIP IO Board Side View
Provides USB 3.1 and Gigabit Ethernet networking connectivity on a single board.

Included Demos: GigE video streaming Demo, USB video streaming Demo
MicroSD Card Adapter MicroSD Card Adapter
Provides mass storage capability to the ECP5 VIP Processor Board including Machine Learning demos.

3rd Party VIP Boards

Board Name Provider
  • Aptina MT9V125 - Nano Vesta Head-Board (WVGA, QVGA)
  • Aptina MT9V024 - Nano Vesta Head-Board (WVGA, QVGA)
  • Aptina MT9V034 - Nano Vesta Head-Board (WVGA, QVGA)
  • Aptina MT9T001/031 - Nano Vesta Head-Board (3MP)
  • Aptina MT9P001/031 - Nano Vesta Head-Board (5MP)
  • Nano-Vesta Testboard
Helion offers a wide selection of boards which are compatible with VIP and directly connect to the nanoVista connector on the ECP5 VIP Processor Board.

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Information Resources
VIP Product Brochure
IO266 1.0 5/16/2018 PDF 1.2 MB
Vision Enabled Solutions Presentation
1.0 5/16/2018 PDF 1.2 MB


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